As unique as its name, Husam Waksa is keeping its momentum with 10 humble years of experience and making its mark in the industry. We do not do different things, but we do things differently and that’s our forte! We started off humbly on trading sector and food trade has become our core business since then. Today our group of companies has tremendous transformation where our business has diversified into IT industry, e-commerce, creative and services.

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Since we are the industry player we are totally understand the important of minimising the risk. Consolidation is one of the ways of testing new products into the market. Not every manufacturer or trading company will accept and able to handle consolidate shipment and understand the details of handling the work. This is where our service is very crucial in order to make sure that your cost is minimise while other important matters from documentation, paper works, fulfilling the food and drugs requirement by the authority and other related requirement for import and export regulations are done properly. Our portfolio covers from direct import by international hypermarkets, wholesalers, special orders for Hajj pilgrims and trading companies.

FOODMARKET is the first Malaysian online shopping foodmart for food lovers. We sell food products with variety of range from grocery, cakes, cookies, products from kampung, traditional Malaysian delicacies, cottage industry made, organic, health supplement and many more.

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